Friday, April 17, 2009

"Rock On" Project

This Project has been a interesting experience. I have learned different skills that I really think one day will be important to have. I don't plan to have a band or a tour anytime soon, but learning how to edit and work on the Wiki has opened my potential. Working on the Interent is something that I knew very little about before this class. With this project I have not only learned how to work with the interent, but how to work with other's while working on the interent. Another thing to add is that my team only consisted of Yurias and I, two people. All other teams in our class had three, meaning that we had to put that much more effort into everything we did. This has taught me an important lesson in that life may not be fair, but you have to work with what you have and still produce. In this project I have used previous skills and in the process learned new skills to create the final product.
As a Jazz Duet, our purpose is to inspire other's to create music just like us. Yurias and I create music and soothe the mind. We travel across the country to promote our name as well as jazz in general. Our Prices stay relatively low because we do not want to turn anyone away from the wonderful music of Jazz. Our dream is to one day resurect jazz and make it a national music phenonomon once again.
Since we are still relatively new, yet popular, we want to insure that we target the right audince. To everyone of our concerts we invite music educators and there students. These students are the futures of jazz, and by providing them with a concert you are showing them the potential. We also want to increase the Jazz industry and obviously we want to be succesful ourselves. Amplified Sound plays at small veneus to insure that we sell out to give our band a good reputation. Also, we go to venues that are already "jazz friendly" to increase our popularity.
Like in any bussiness, Amplified sound alplies the seven key functions of marketing. We use our music to promote our band and the jazz industry. We price our tickets at a reasonable level to insure that our finances are good and to make sure that we are not losing our audience. We feed off of what the audience wants, whether its swing, blues, straight jazz etc. We have T-shirts and other products that anyone can obtain by distrubiting them at all of our performances.
This projects has been a fun experience. I have learned necessary skills for the future, helping me one day be succesful.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break 09

Where to start.... Where to start....
Well my spring break started early, thrusday. This year the Band traveled to DisneyWORLD! We had loads of fun in Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Universal islands. I meet a bunch of the disney characters and went on all the rides. The only thing is that disney is super expensive, food is like at least ten dollars a meal. Bottled water was at least 2.50$ if you were lucky. I have never eaten so many hamburgers and pizza in my life.. Being with friends was the best part of the trip. At the hotel we played the game RISK, went to the pool and chilled in the rooms alot. That trip is something I will never forget. When I got back Monday night, I had to get ready for St. Patrick's day the next day. As a tradition now, my family does the music at the mass and celebrates afterwards with a small party with other family and friends. Being the big baseball and sports fan i am, Wednesday was my lazy day, and sadly my only one. I woke up when i wanted to and i watched sportscenter for the better part of the day. With the NCAA Men's Tournament, there where many highlights and much "hype". The World Baseball Classic didn't fail to impress either. With Opening Day around the corner, many teams are getting ready for the next baseball season. Then on thursday i visited family in San Marcos. Overall I had a good time, relaxing, chilling with family. I saw my grandparetns, saw the hill country, austin and San Antonio. I was seeing if somehow we could get into the SXSW concert going on in Austin but the price's weren't realistic enough to go for one day. When i returned Saturday night I started to get sick, and I Spent most of sunday with friends and a trumpet lesson before i had to get ready for school the next day. That's my Spring Break

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MLB Advertisment

Major League Baseball has used this advertisment on all of it's products. The contrasting color's and the logo gives this logo an authentic look. If the logo isn't on the product, it isn't authentic. This specific logo represents baseball and encourage's the public to attend baseball games, buy MLB products and support the Major Leagues in anyway possible.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Key Functions of Marketing: How they interelate

The key functions that we have gone over include: Product Service Management, Distribution, Selling, Marketing Info Management, Financing, and Pricing. Each element of marketing interelates. For example, when selling your product, you have to determine your price. To determine your price, you must look at other aspects such as distribution and service management. You also have to know your finances to make sure you are marketing your product to its full potential. Each key function contributes to the Marketing part of a product. Each function is vital to the success of selling the product to its full potential. Leaving out any of the functions will cause a major problem.

Without Management, your product will never succeed
Without Distribution, your product will never be known
Without Selling, your product will never make any money
Without Marketing, your product will never enter any household
Without Financing, your product will never make enough money
Without Pricing, your product will never be handled properly

With all of the Functions, your product will succeed and make you alot of money.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Favorite Super Commercial

In Super Bowl XIIIL, My favorite commercial was the Coke Zero, "Mean Troy". This commercial mixed a classic coke commerical with a new player. It was funny because it contrast with the original one in that the coke representatives try to halt the commercial. But "Mean Troy" has the final say...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today in class we did an activity concerning distribution. The object was to get all the salt and water from one part of the room to the other side. We had difficulty tranporting all of our "product" because there is only two people in our group. But we efficiently transported everything eventually and turned out that we won the constest.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My team

My team for this semester consist only of Me and Yurias. I have known Yurias since freshman year because he was a trumpet player with me. Yurias goes as "Mr. B", B stading for "DA BEST". So Mr. B and I will work in this class as a two man team. Yurias is in football and can be a hard worker. I will look forward to future assignments with him.